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Book Selector

While the library building is temporarily closed, try out this book selector tool! You tell us what you like, and we’ll select books according to your interests.

You're never too young to apply for a library card!

Signing up for a free library card is a great way to help your child feel a part of their community! You'll be able to check out 25 books, audiobooks, movies or magazines, and have access to ebooks and eaudio books on cloudLibrary. There are many great educational databases such as Rocket Languages, Kids Infobits, and In Context Gale databases that are great resources for research projects.

Learners & Makers

The more we learn about how we learn, we see the importance of hands-on learning experiences. This “at home” series for children ages 0 – 5 teaches STEAM concepts in a way that works for young children. Each month will feature a new topic. Please come back next month to discover more!
This program series is made possible by an Arizona State Library STEAM mini-grant.

Learners & Makers I: All about Dinosaurs

Learners & Makers II: All About Space

Learners & Makers III: Fashion Forward…COMING SOON

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