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The Last Frontier – Exploring Together

In the time of COVID-19 everyone is getting creative to find things to do and explore. Well the last frontier; SPACE, is a great place to start. With updated technology and ease of access there are plenty of safe and exciting websites to explore and learn about the great wide open outside of our atmosphere. Check out some of these amazing sites and tell us on Instagram or Facebook what you found to be the coolest using the hashtag #DFLExploreTogether


Discover Space 

SciStarter for 10-day Globe at Night Event

International Dark Sky Organization | Currently being encouraged and petitioned in Cave Creek

NASA ‘What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday 


Exploratorium | Build a Solar System Model. Calculate relative sizes and distances of planets in the solar system

Planet Hunters Exoplanets Citizen Science project | search for extra solar planets 

Moon Mappers (Planet Mappers, Moon Edition) | citizen science project mapping craters on the Moon

Mercury Mappers (Planet Mappers, Mercury Edition) | citizen science project mapping craters on Mercury using images from the MESSENGER mission

Vesta Mappers (Planet Mappers, Vesta Edition) | citizen science project mapping craters on large asteroid Vesta using images from the Dawn mission

Mars Mappers (Planet Mappers, Mars Edition) | citizen science project mapping craters on Mars 

Aurorasaurus | Crowd sourcing aurora watch

Helioviewer | This is a solar image visualization tool that uses real NASA data from the Solar Dynamic Observatory to create short videos of the Suns’ activity, as well as view past solar events —-  Helioviewer tutorial

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We always welcome teen volunteers at Desert Foothills Library.  Need community service hours or just love the library? Fill out our Volunteer Application to get involved.

  • Regular volunteers. Many of our teen volunteers work regular 2 hour shifts throughout the week. Volunteers participate in many tasks, from sorting and shelving to decorating and creating displays to helping with events
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Teen Task Force

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Teen Task Force meets once a month in the teen room. Meetings are a great time to find out about volunteering if interested, meet your librarians and other teens at the library, eat snacks, tell us what you want at Desert Foothills Library, and generally have a great time.

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