In 2014, Dereth DeHaan had been working very hard for years, to bring many and varied activities and presentations to DFL. She would create pages of press releases for computer whiz Ruth Hirsch to work into a template complete with illustrations to attract the reader’s eye. The template was that of a folded brochure which, when printed, could be found at the Library check out desk and at the registers of many local businesses. The standards in format for punctuation, fonts, color and placement of articles were closely kept.

I have forgotten just how Ruth first engaged me – a novice in these skills -to take on the computer production of our brochure, but the May 2014 brochure was my first “baby.” Ruth was off to accompany her husband on wonderful international trips and then to move to Florida! She left me with Dereth’s detailed instructions and a plethora of illustrations, and she always made herself available to me for all questions and concerns via email. Luckily, Dereth was a hands-on editor and we sent our little publication to the printer pretty much on schedule each month of the year.

Then the terrible accident took Dereth from us. Our always reassuring Library Executive Director David Court kept us afloat until unsinkable Programming Librarian Ashley Ware began bringing even more activities and speakers to DFL . She and Susan Sullivan became the proofreaders for the brochure, thank goodness!

The little folded monthly publication trundled along through November 2018. And then began to morph into a more inclusive booklet form. Activity pages were produced by Librarian Caitlin Decker and Youth & Teen Librarian Erin Meadows.

January 2019 featured more community and family programs included in a larger booklet publication of 15 pages!

And then Covid slowed our paces. Programs were cancelled. Materials are to be checked out online and picked up at tables outside the front door.

Noe, however, virtual activities are beautifully presented in an email newsletter form and gradually, Desert Foothills Library is returning.

The brochure was a great little hands-on tool for many years, but now information is much more quickly and efficiently presented and shared online. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to learn a new skill and to have helped the Library in a small way!

Sandi Haag