My uncle, Robert L. Richert, truly loved the Library and spent many happy hours there. He was learning to use the computer and surf the Internet. The Library staff even helped him get an email address. He recently passed away, and as he had directed, I donated a portion of his estate to the Library he loved so much. He told me that everyone there was always very kind to him, and for that I am very grateful.
~ Elizabeth K. Richert, Niece

Planned Giving

Gifts that benefit you, your family, and the Library

In order to secure the long-term future financial health of the Library, we ask that you consider supporting us in your Estate Planning. There are a number of vehicles available which will enable you to ensure that the Library receives support in the future.

Please call Executive Director David Court on 480-488-2286 for details.

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What is Planned Giving?

Planning giving is thoughtful, charitable giving that is planned in advance, not made on the spur of the moment. Planned giving is an important part of a person’s estate plan to take advantage of immediate income and gift tax benefits as well as long term income, estate and gift tax benefits. Planned giving can provide a stream of income for you and a source of revenue for your hometown Library.

Testamentary Gifts

A gift in a trust or will is the most common form of testamentary charitable giving. A testamentary gift can be a specific amount of money, a specific piece of property, or a percentage of your estate or trust remaining after providing for your friends and family. Consider making a gift in memory of or in honor of a loved one.

Lifetime Gifts

Outright gifts or cash or stock during a person’s lifetime continue to be the lifeline of the Library. A gift may be made in increments, such as an automatic deduction from your checking account or charge to your credit card each month. A gift of appreciated publicly traded securities can be a tax-wise way to give.

Charitable Trusts

The most popular gifts to benefit both the Library and your family are a charitable lead trust and charitable remainder trust. A charitable lead trust gives an income stream to the Library and the balance of the assets to your family after the termination of the trust. A charitable remainder trust is the opposite, you receive the income stream and the Library will get the balance of the assets at your death or trust termination date.

Beneficiary Designations

Naming the Library as a beneficiary on your IRA or other retirement plan takes only a moment, does not require an attorney, and can be the most tax effective give you can make. Not only have you not paid tax on these dollars, no income tax will ever be paid if you name the Library as your beneficiary.

Naming the Library as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy will not create the income tax benefits of an IRA beneficiary designation, but is an easy, simple change that will create a legacy and provide lasting benefits to the community.

Gifts of Stock

Donating stock and mutual fund shares are wonderful ways to support the Library. Making a gift of securities is simple and offers a number of valuable financial benefits.

  • You can donate appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds
  • The total value of the stock upon transfer is tax-deductible
  • There is no obligation to pay any capital gains taxes on the appreciation

Your broker can assist you in donating stock.

No matter how you choose to support the Library, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to safeguard a community treasure.